2016 Most Important Divine Notice(Communique). Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.

2016 Most Important Divine Notice(Communique). Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi. Tapobhoomi, Great World, Haldwani. In the next phase of the execution of divine plan all currencies shall start ceasing from 01 January 2016 and maximum by 08 April 2016, Samvat 2073 and their dissolution shall start in the entire world and their merger shall start and merger/ dissolution shall be complete by the end of Samvat 2073 and by 1 January 2017 and maximum by 29 March 2017 Samvat 2073. After 7 April 2016 all governances/constitutions shall cease and all rulers shall become interim.

In this particular connection, next confirmed important declaration shall be issued on 8April 2016. Such constitutions, kingdoms, kings, and governances have ceased where there is a single wealthless/resourceless/moneyless person.

The appointment process of new rulers/kings and construction of new constitution shall begin. All economies shall be merged/dissolved.

For Supreme Divinity, Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.

Website- www.visionbinod.com


Blog- www.greatworldfoundation.wordpress.com.


Post Script-1. Be known that Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi is executing the divine plan and constructing a new Sristi(creation).

  1. Communicated to All in Divine and Human Languages.
  2. Important divine notice 2015 is available in Internet at the following places.





4-All rights reserved Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi, Great World, Haldwani.

5-Pictures courtesy Internet.


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