Commencement of Rarest Great World Vishwa Shanti(World Peace) Yagya Divine procedure


      Press Release.     

The rarest Yagya for universal peace in whole universe has been commenced with the successful performance of Commencement of Work worship (Sri Ganesh Puja) and with the adoption of Divine resolution on the Akshay Tritya (6th May 2011) for the peace and prosperity of whole universe and strengthening of its protection by The Almighty Divinity.

All the rulers of world are requested to achieve peace at all levels.

If the rulers didn’t achieve world peace than the divine powers who are armed with much lethal weapons beyond the imagination of rulers of universe, shall establish peace on earth and Universe.

The Almighty divine power is quite capable of changing any system on universe and on earth with the merger /breakup/destruction/construction  etc of various existing galaxies, planets, nations, systems etc and creation of new order/system.

Under Earth(world) king Lord Bali is even capable of managing the heaven if the Lord Indra King of heaven can’t manage it properly and do not shower wealth on universe and earth.

With the successful performance of Divine worship blessed by different ways to divinity(Holy Hinduisim, Holy Christanity, Holy Islam, Holy Sikhism, Holy Jainism, Holy Buddhism etc), the countdown for the universal day of Lord Brahma(creator) has begin where there shall not be no war on the entire universe and on earth.

Entire universe & earth,has already been communicated for world peace on 30th of April 2011 through divine press conference.

All the rulers withdraw your unwanted army from others territory or prepare yourself for the presence of God’s army in your nation.

If you attack divine creations, you will be attacked by the Almighty divinity to protect its creations.

Those nations who consider themselves as powerful are not above divinity and not invincible.


The Yagya shall  be organised when 22 nations shall subscribe to it. The invitation for the same has been sent to them inclusive of all the divine nations and religions.

All the nations are requested to register at the earliest for world peace and make divine yagya successful.

Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.

Great World (Mahan Vishwa).

Ps-1-The divine communication dated 30-04-2011, is also available for viewing on youtube at

2- For details keep visiting the website and blog of greatworldfoundation and Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.




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